Amanda and Mike

how they asked

We are currently living in the French alps because of Mikes hockey career. We’ve been together 6 years now, on our second country on living abroad with this crazy hockey life. We finally had a beautiful sunny day, and decided the days leading up to it, we would go on a date to the ski resort just a quick gondola ride away from our town. Nothing seemed out of the norm, we went for lunch, chatted about the 13 degrees weather in February, and strolled through the village as we had done times and times before. I guess this time, after he handed me the debit card to pay for lunch, he was to the store next door to call my dad (he told me he was getting a face protector for skiing) sneaky guy. Since the day was SO gorgeous, I wanted to take a picture of the view! As I had my phone ready to go, I felt someone to my left whisper “Hun….”. I looked over, and might have said shut up 15 times. The ring was blinding me, literally. He had to clarify if that was a yes or no lol. It was an obvious yes. We kissed, cried, awkwardly looked at eachother and my hand and asked ourselves “now what? Who do we call? Do we take a picture?” 6 years well worth the wait for this perfect moment, these pictures don’t do it justice.

Image 1 of Amanda and Mike

Image 2 of Amanda and Mike

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