Alex and Mike

How We Met

As a little girl, I always dreamt of meeting a handsome man who will sweep me off my feet. One day at the local gym, a muscular man with ocean blue eyes caught my attention causing us to both smile but find it really hard to look away. Naturally, a shy individual, I did not know what came across me one day at the gym when I walked over to this man and openly said here is my number and walked away. Not even a minute later, I find out that my future husband’s name was Mike. We continued to talk over the phone for countless hours when Mike decided to ask me out on a date. I have never been nervous or anxious for anything until this first date. April 8th 2014 was the first date and when my life changed forever. Mike is the most caring, loving and selfless individual. I cannot imagine my life without him. He defines the term “dream come true”

how they asked

On the evening of December 15th 2016, Mike came home with a sprained ankle. Although he was deliberate on still running errands the next day, I was assured that our day would consist of pain medication and lots of ice. Of the morning of December 16th 2016, I woke up to find Mike dressed and ready to go but in extreme pain. He told me he was taking me somewhere and to dress somewhat warm. We hopped in his car and put it on his phone GPS so I would not see where we were going. We arrived at the destination which was a beautiful park and said we are going for a walk as he knew I loved to explore and go for walks. No one else was in sight when we approached stairs. Hesitate and reluctant as they were slippery and his foot was swollen, Mike was adamant on showing me something at the bottom that he has read great reviews about. We continued down the stairs to this beautiful and magical waterfall. Mike told me he wanted to take a photo but with no one around us, he placed his phone on a rock. Little did I know he was recording as he continued to pose. His warms began to shake while we were posing. He proclaimed his love for me and got down on one knee and proposed.