Mikayla and Timmy's Beautiful Proposal in Maine

How we met: When I was 17 I had my mind full of college and my approaching senior year, not of shaggy haired bus boy at the local restaurant where I was a hostess. As fate would have it I couldn’t ignore this bus boy, and when we found out we had the exact SAME birthday and were only 4hrs apart we started talking a lot. On New Years Eve, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I happily said yes, and now two years later we live together and go to school together with two kittycats named Luna and Remus.

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how they asked: It was a typical blustery winter day in January and I had plans to go shopping with my best friend Becky. I was driving home to meet up with her because my college is about an hour away from where she lives. Timmy came home with me that day and I thought nothing of it, he claimed he had plans with his friends.

What I didn’t know is that he had been planning my proposal for the past month with Becky behind my back. I met up with Becky we went shopping then she suggested we walk the beach since we are both avid beach lovers and I once again thought nothing of it.

When we got to the beach I saw this guy standing pretty far away from us that looked a lot like Timmy which I remarked to Becky but she just smiled. I got closer and realized that it was him and he was standing in a heart made out of daisies (my favorite flower).

He pulled me into the heart and started telling me how I turned his life around, and I was the other half to his soul and then got down on one knee and pulled out a gorgeous vintage engagement ring and asked me if I would be his forever. I said YES!

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