Mikayla and Lewis

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How We Met

We first met at a party at the age of 15, funny enough I asked him on a date and we hit it off from there. We began seeing each other only on the weekends and soon enough on weeknights. Several years later we decided to build our first house and moved in on October 6th, 2023. We have been together since 2015 and here we are engaged in 2023.

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How They Asked

He had this planned for months, once he had the ring he came up with an idea, he tends to take me out fancy so this was nothing unexpected. We had our dinner and I wanted to go to the kingpin arcade so he had to think fast to get me back to the hotel. Lucky for him I’m a sucker for movies in bed with snacks so that’s what we did, soon enough I walked out onto the patio and saw the beautiful arrangement.

Special Thanks

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