Mikayla and Jordan

How We Met: Jordan and I met at a church camp in a small town in Ohio. Throughout that week, we never really talked to each other but (we found out later) we both would always go to play basketball on the outside court for free time because we knew that we would both be there. After that week, he looked me up on Facebook and messaged me. After that, there was no stopping us.

how they asked: Jordan lives an hour and a half away from me so he always spends Christmas morning with his family then drives to my house for the evening. Well, he came out to my grandmas house on Christmas and asked me to come outside. We got in his car and he blindfolded me. (I was secretly hoping this was it!)

Image 1 of Mikayla and Jordan

We took about a 25 minute drive, which should have lasted about 40 minutes, to the church camp we had met at. He drove over to the outside basketball court, helped me out of the car (I was still blindfolded) and walked me onto the court. I took my blindfold off and he was done on one knee with the ring in his hand. I started crying immediately as I was taking it all in. I wish I could remember what he said but I know it was magical.

Image 2 of Mikayla and Jordan