Mikayla and Jonathan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Madison, Wisconsin

My fiancé and I met 8 years ago right before Thanksgiving break. We were both students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Jonnie was one of the star soccer players for the Badgers who lived next door to me and my 5 roommates. After a brief meeting at a tailgate earlier in the year, Jonnie’s best friend and roommate got one of my roommates phone numbers. Once the soccer season ended, Jonnie’s roommate Bryan texted my roommate Sofie to see if we wanted to hang out….And I’m so glad we did! Jonnie and I sat next to each other on the couch that night, and the rest was history!!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Madison, Wisconsin

Fast-forward 8 years …

Jonnie and I went back to Madison this year for the homecoming football game. Little did I know, Jonnie had contacted all of my roommates 4 months earlier and told them he was planning to propose over homecoming weekend and knew I’d love if they were there. They came from all over the world Copenhagen, St. Louis, Connecticut, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis. While it was supposed to be a surprise that they were coming, I found out from one of my roomies (the same day Jonnie contacted them) that they were all coming … but I didn’t think anything of it and just assumed it was for the homecoming football game. I was so excited to see them all, as this was going to be the first time we had all been back in Madison since we graduated.

Leading up to the proposal, Jonnie told me he had a sales meeting in Madison the day before I was going, so I took the bus from Chicago to Madison. During my bus ride I was texting all of my roommates to see when they were getting in, and everyone had a different reason why they were going to get in late. Little did I know, they were all in Madison already helping to get everything set up.

When I arrived in Madison, Jonnie picked me up from the bus stop and had picked up my all time favorite meal from Mediterranean Cafe — that I craved ever since we left Madison. After I freshened up a bit, Jonnie asked if I wanted to walk around the capitol before heading to the terrace – two of my favorite spots on campus. He had staked out his favorite spot on capitol square and had a friend (who I didn’t know) sitting on a bench to record the proposal. As we approached the capitol, Jonnie asked if I wanted to get a picture. The leaves were all changing colors so they were bright orange, red, and yellow, so it was a picture perfect spot. As we approached the capitol Jonnie started talking about how Madison was where we met, so it only seemed fitting to ask me one question… before I knew it he was on one knee asking me to marry him!!! I was so ecstatic!!!! This was a moment I’d been waiting for, for so long and I couldn’t have imaged it happening any other way.

On our walk to the terrace we walked down Langdon Street where all the frats and sororities are – and all of the cheerleaders, the band, and the dancers were lined up in the street getting ready for the homecoming parade to start. It was SO Madison and I loved feeling the badger excitement in the air!

We arrived at the terrace at the Memorial Union right at sunset and it was a beautiful site to see. As I was trying to scope it a table to save for all of our friends, they were already all waiting at a table to surprise me. As we walked down the stairs towards the lake, I see all of our friends at a table popping bottles of champagne to celebrate!! It was absolutely perfect!!! They even got Bucky Badger to come join the engagement celebration!!

It seriously couldn’t have been a more perfect proposal for us! Another great addition to our badger love story.

Proposal Ideas Madison, Wisconsin