Mikaley and Richard

How They Asked

I said yes to my best friend in our favorite place! We’re from Houston, but California has always been our go-to place. It holds such a special place in our hearts. We started off with breakfast & coffee as we always do when we’re there, so I thought nothing of it. We then walked down to one of our favorite lookout areas that overlooked the ocean in Corona Del Mar. As soon as we got there, there was an older married couple sitting on our favorite bench. They immediately got up when they saw us walking towards the bench, which again I thought nothing of!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Orange County California

As we’re sitting on our bench looking at the water, Richard got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said “Yes!!”, as we both were crying. He then asked “you didn’t know? She didn’t tell you?”, as he pointed behind me. I was like “who???” And when I turned around it was my mom!!

Little did I know, he secretly had my mom fly in and capture the entire thing on camera! Also, that older couple was secretly saving the seat for us! Before the proposal, my mom arrived early and was trying to reserve the bench when she realized the older couple was already there.

Where to Propose in Orange County California

She explained to them why she needed this bench and they told her how they had fallen in love many many years ago in that exact same location and going on their 25 year wedding anniversary and they would love to reserve the bench for us until we arrived. After the proposal, we went back to our hotel room and as I walked in, there were rose petals leading to the bed and on the bed was rose petals in a heart shape, along with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries! #BadMotherRuckers #Engaged