Mikala and Michael

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New York City - Rockefeller Center

How We Met

I first met Michael in November 2015 thanks to some car troubles he was having and a mutual connection. His car had been breaking down and his best friend Mike just so happened to sell cars. He called him on a Sunday night on November 1st asking for help and the next night, he returned home with a new car. When he had gone out to see him, a picture of them was posted on Facebook after the sale, leading to a friend request from me who was connected with Mike. Despite us going to the same high school and same college, Kent State University College of Business, we had just started talking. Soon after, we had spent the majority of our days talking about our goals, dreams, and details about life, you’d never think to open up about to someone you hardly knew. A few weeks later Michael took me out to one of my favorite restaurants the night before Thanksgiving for our first date. I was so nervous that I shut the door in his face as I answered it. My mom let him in and I hid around the corner. Good thing he thought it was funny! What started as a dinner date turned into dinner and a movie. Every moment and every conversation thereafter came easier and easier. It was hard to stay away form him at this point – I knew he was going to be very special pretty early on. In a short time we were able to see each other grow and change already, overcome some hurdles in life, and learn how to love each other more every day. Eventually I couldn’t imagine my life without anyone else, and now I’ll never have to.

how they asked

It has always been a dream of mine to see New York City while decorated for Christmas. When Michael asked me if I wanted to go there for our two year anniversary, I immediately said yes and started planning where we would go, where we would eat, and what we would do. Little did I know that he had already had our whole trip planned, and my parents were a part of this. We arrived late in New York City on November 30th. We explored the city for a little bit then headed back to the hotel. On December 1st, we got up early and made our way to the Statue of Liberty. After being on the island for a few hours, we made our way back to Times Square, to grab some food. After stopping at the hotel briefly, I kept bugging Michael to go see the Rockefeller tree and to go ice skating since that was the one thing I’ve been wanting to do for years. I could tell he was a little anxious as he kept stalling because Abby was not in the city yet due to a delayed flight. But by the time we got down to the tree, stood in line to go ice skating, and went ice skating for a half an hour, Abby texted Michael saying she was at the tree.

To get me off the ice, Michael told me his feet were hurting. When we went up through the exit turned around and he had the biggest smile on his face. I asked him why he was smiling so big and he replied with he was so happy to be there with me. As we started walking down the sidewalk by the tree, white flags, and nutcrackers he told me to come here and said “Mik, what is this box?” As I thought he was kidding, he pulled me in and got down on one knee telling me how he wanted to be with me for the rest of his life and popped the question. In shock and with tears in my eyes, I replied “yes” and buried my head in his chest.

Mikala and Michael's Engagement in New York City - Rockefeller Center

He started crying and said “We are getting married. You’re going to be my wife.” Abby captured every moment so perfectly.

Later that night I found out Abby was taking our engagement pictures in NYC the next day before our dinner reservation and Wicked. We were given the most perfect weather and got the most beautiful pictures on the Brooklyn Bridge and in Central Park. It was my perfect fairytale princess engagement, and I could not have asked for anything more from my now fiance.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New York City - Rockefeller Center

Mikala's Proposal in New York City - Rockefeller Center

Special Thanks

Abigail Schafer
 | Photographer
Rick and Donna Vanio
 | Planning