Mikaila and Dillon

How We Met

Dillon and I met in Savannah, GA when I while I was a sophomore attending the Savannah College of Art and Design and he was in the Army stationed at Fort Stewart. We actually met after my girl friends and I went to this tiny college bar on a whim in the neighboring city. He and I didn’t end up meeting until a few encounters with them later at their barracks for a small party they invited us girls to. He needed a beer pong partner and I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was the DD that night for all of my friends, so we played and won multiple rounds until we all got in trouble for being a bit too rowdy. He, in the most corny way, messaged me on Facebook that following day saying something along the lines of “a good beer pong partner is hard to come by, so we should keep in touch” and the rest was history. How could you not fall in love in the most charming city with the goofiest and most caring man?

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Drummond Island, MI

how they asked

As we had just moved to Michigan, after three years in Georgia for school and the Army, Dillon knew this wasn’t the place that either of us would end up. I have lived in some region of the South for most of my life so being in Michigan often made me quite home sick. We had been in a sort of transitional period in both of our lives with the lingering question “what was the next step” and “where are we going to go from here”? On vacation to his family’s lake home on Drummond Island, MI, where Dillon went every summer for many years as a child, he popped the question. It was just him and I, in the forest looking for what Dillon described as “the coolest deer stand he’d ever seen” after dinner one day. I, who was mostly along for the four-wheeler ride, asked Dillon if “we really needed to look for a deer stand? Because I have lived in KY for quite sometime and I know what a deer blind looks like.” But he insisted on finding this deer stand. Two creeks and 50 mosquito bites later, we found the tree stand and climbed to the top for a victory view. He had written a sign posted on the tree that said, “Sweet Pea, Will you marry me?” and immediately I started sobbing. We have been through three years of school, the army, moving apart through three states, only seeing each other every weekend or every other month, to have finally been able to live together and all the long distance hardships all made it worth it in that very moment. And of course, I said “yes!” He later told me that he knew Michigan, where he was from, didn’t have any special places that had any significant memories to me but he wanted to share their love for the island with me and the forest was the closest thing he could find to something “Southern”, since he couldn’t propose in Savannah, GA where we met. It ended up being the sweetest and most thoughtful way I could have ever imagined him asking me.