Mikah and Jared

How We Met

We met working at a coffee shop in Chattanooga! We were both new and quickly became friends. I thought he was way too cute for me, thankfully he thought the same.

Where to Propose in Chattanooga, TN

How They Asked

We’d been dating for two years. I wasn’t expecting a proposal for at least another year (but was hoping for sooner). His older brother, a photographer, asked us to model for his photography website/portfolio. Thinking we were just helping his brother out, I got dressed up, hair, makeup, all of it. Halfway through the photoshoot, I turned around to find Jared down on one knee, holding an engagement ring.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Chattanooga, TN

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Chattanooga, TN

Not just any ring either, it was the ring my dad gave to my mom when they got married. My dad died when I was a child and I’d always wanted to use the ring he’d given my mom. It was the biggest, most unexpected surprise of my life. And I’m hard to surprise.

Mikah and Jared's Engagement in Chattanooga, TN

Special Thanks

Matt Roberts
 | Photographer