Mikaela and Phil

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How We Met

Phil and I met a little over 6 years ago while we were both working at PF Changs. At the time, we were both in toxic relationships and we quickly became friends due to the fact that we could vent to each other about our relationship issues. I always thought he was so cute (and apparently he felt the same way towards me), but we of course knew nothing would come of that because of our current situations. Over the course of a few months, we became very good friends and ironically, we both broke up with our significant others within days of each other. We never talked about this or pressured each other to do so – it really was just a coincidence! When we told each other the news, we were shocked, and a couple days later went out for drinks. After our first kiss, we both agreed we should only be friends since we just got out of long-term relationships but then 2 months later, we were totally in love with each other. Over these past almost 6 years, we have gone through so much together and absolutely believe that we were meant to meet each other when we did. He is the person that made me believe in soul mates! This picture is one of our first ones together!

how they asked

I’ve been thinking about our proposal since we first fell in love almost 6 years ago and have always been so curious as to how Phil would do it. He is one of the most thoughtful people in the world who LOVES a good surprise, so I knew it would be something amazing, but after such a long waiting process and living together, I wondered how he’d get anything past me.

This last Friday (April 6), I left work and called him only to be surprised when he said “Can you go back? I am on my way to pick you up!”. He usually works on Friday nights, so I was shocked when he picked me up and took me to LAX for a surprise trip with bags packed and everything. When we got to LAX, I found out we were going to Portland, OR, which is a place we’ve always wanted to visit. Upon arrival, our friends that live there picked us up and took us back to their house, where more friends were waiting. I had an idea a proposal was coming that weekend, but he was tricking me into saying it was just a fun trip and that he couldn’t afford both a trip AND a ring. I didn’t know what to believe but on Saturday, we woke up, got breakfast and then went to Tamanawas Falls trail in Mt. Hood for a hike. The weather was perfect (despite the crazy storm happening in Portland) and the hike was amazing, but about 5 minutes before we reached the waterfall, it started pouring rain! We got the waterfall and took turns with our friends walking out to this rock and taking pictures (we were the last couple to go up). Just as I thought we were going to get off this rock and finish pictures, Phil started his little speech that instantly brought tears to my eyes. I knew the moment was finally here. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, in which I couldn’t of said yes fast enough.

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One of our friends watching is a professional photographer and she got the most amazing photos. As soon as we got off the rock, the crazy rain almost instantly stopped and we had perfect weather again. It was the most magical, surreal and special moment of my life, and I couldn’t be more in love with this amazing man!

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Special Thanks

Stephanie Spaulding
 | Photographer