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How We Met

We always laugh when people ask us how we met. Mainly, because we were friends long before we started dating. In 2011, our Junior year of high school, Owen messaged me via Twitter asking me for my number, which I gave him happily. He played hockey for a rival school and I had a small crush on him at the time. Our high school flirtation unfortunately never took root as we were both occupied with our own activities and other various distractions.

Fast forward to 2013, my Sophomore year of college, I was home for Christmas break and decided to throw a New Year’s Eve party. . I had texted Owen’s sister, Natalie, who I had met through high scool and invited her over and told her to bring Owen. He of course had no intentions of coming which is why I was hoping Natalie might convince him. Lo and behold right when the party was in full swing in walks Natalie, Owen, and his best friend Taylor. That night we were able to talk and reconnect even among the party chaos; which he helped me clean the next morning. Yet, once break ended and I went back to college in Chicago, we both decided not to pursue a relationship. Long distance sounded too difficult.

We tried to remain friends for the next five months while I was away but as soon as I returned home for summer break, Owen and I were inseparable. We decided that long distance was worth a chance and we would try our best to make it work. We spent two years apart while we were in college, six months of that I studied abroad in Barcelona.

We spent last year living in the same State, finally! It was honestly such a great year. He was finishing college and I had started my first job. We got a puppy together in March and really just enjoyed living so close.

After Owen graduated this past May he was offered his dream job in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He moved in July and I followed shortly thereafter. We have been figuring out life together ever since.

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how they asked

The day after Thanksgiving “Black Friday”, Owen and I woke up early to do some light shopping and then planned on coming home to just hangout and watch movies, we had plans later to meet my parents for drinks at a local bar but nothing fancy.

About an hour into shopping Owen’s mom invited me to come get my nails done with her and Owen’s sisters. I didn’t suspect a thing, we all get our nails done routinely. No big deal. Except being that it was Black Friday, no salons were open. They all panicked and honestly at this point I was game to go home and take a nap. After some calling around we finally found an open salon, got our nails done, and headed home in time for me to shower and get ready to meet my parents.

We were meeting them for what I thought was a few drinks and a casual dinner. So I put on yoga pants and a long sleeved t-shirt for comfort. Thankfully, Owen urged me to throw on jeans and some makeup before we left.

Owen suggested we leave 45 minutes earlier than I would have liked and after much protesting he convinced me that we needed to leave early so we could check on some of my items that were in storage. I completely fell for it and actually thought it was a great idea.

On our way to what I thought was the storage facility, Owen took a wrong turn and then explained that while we were in the area we should swing by a local viewpoint that overlooked our entire city. Again, I thought nothing of it as he always does things like this.

The spot was truly beautiful with views of Lake Superior, the city, and our local Christmas lights display. Owen parked and got out of the car to enjoy the view. While I stayed inside because it was 10 degrees, I could admire it perfectly fine from the car.

After some encouragement, I joined him outside. Owen was standing a few feet behind me and while I was busy taking in the skyline, he was reaching into his pocket. He must have spoken a few words but I blacked them all out and focused on the last phrase “Will you marry me?” Through choked sobs I must have managed to say yes because he slipped the ring onto my freezing finger and we proceeded to return to the warm car.

I sat there in awe for a few minutes while he began to explain to me that both of our families were waiting for us at the bar we were supposed to meet my parents! Hence, the delay earlier. He had to make sure everyone else was ready for the surprise.

Living out of town it was so nice to see everyone and also to celebrate such an amazing life event with my entire family. I truly could not have wished for a more perfect proposal.

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