Mikaela and Justin

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How We Met

We met around three years ago at church in Scottsdale Arizona. We met and talked a few times, but shortly after we met I moved to California for the summer and then traveled Europe for several months. When I came back to Scottsdale we met again and started playing volleyball on a weekly basis. One day at volleyball I left my ring in the gym, Justin found it and texted me for the first time to tell me he had found my ring and that when he returned it he would have an important question to ask me…all before going on a first date. We went on our first date a couple weeks after that and have been together ever since!

how they asked

We went to San Diego California for the weekend to visit his family. Saturday night we had plans to go out to dinner with them after he and I visited the San Diego Temple. We got to the temple late Saturday afternoon and just walked around to admire how beautiful the temple is. We sat down and talked and laughed for what felt like hours. As we were sitting there he started to talk about us, our future, and what he wanted. We stood up and gave me a giant hug before telling me how much he loved me. Then before I knew it he was getting down on one knee.

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He didn’t even have a chance to finish his question before I yelled YES!

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I knew without a doubt that I wanted to spend forever with him.

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