Mikaela and David - Proposal in Sweden!

How We Met: David and I met on the dance floor, however unlikely it may sound. My friend said “the boy dancing behind you has a beautiful smile.” I turned around and there he was with wild, curly hair and a big beard covering most of his face. But yes, his smile was definitely radiant.

It was David’s second year as an exchange student in Stockholm (he is from Madrid) and he had been convinced by some Italian class mates to join them for a night out. The club was not one of the fancier ones in Stockholm, but beer was cheap and the music was good. Under the influence of alcohol, I was quite fluent in Spanish and when the bar closed, I gave David my phone number.

A week later he called and, of course, started to speak in Spanish on the phone. Not so fluent any more, I panicked and tried my best to get him to switch into English. We decided on a date a couple of days later and met up for coffee. He tried to order in Swedish but got the orders all mixed up which I thought it was kind of cute. I made him listen to all my favorite songs on the Mp3-player and he just kept smiling.

A week or so went by before we went on our second date, to a jazz club. His eyes were sparkling and his smile, along with his Spanish accent, made my knees all weak. He followed me home that night, and then never left. It has now been eight years and in August he will become my husband. I can’t wait.

how they asked: There is one place in the world that means everything to me. It’s a small fishing village on the Swedish west coast, where my grandmother grew up. I’ve spent all my summers there and it really is a beautiful place with white houses clinging to the grey mountainsides and the little harbor lined by tiny, red fishing huts. And then there is the sea stretching out towards the horizon. Pure magic!

his year, as so many before, we went there together with my family. We haven’t always been that lucky with the weather and sometimes the rain has been pouring down for weeks. But this year was different. We were blessed with the most amazing summer and spent long, lazy days by the sea. One particular beautiful day, David and I stayed at the beach while the rest of the family went back to the house to prepare dinner. We overheard some of the fishermen, sitting next to us, talking about how this was going to be a night to remember and how beautiful the sunset was going to be. David and I decided that this was to be the night when it happened, when we were going to get engaged. So we packed our things and took the car in to town to buy champagne and some cheap rings to use before picking out the real ones (in Sweden both get a ring at the engagement and then the woman gets an other one at the wedding).

Our plan was to sneak away after dinner to find a spot with a nice view, exchange the rings and then go back and tell the others. Little did I know that David had a plan of his own. During the dinner, I noticed David being a bit nervous. Suddenly he put his napkin on the table and stood up. I became speechless when I realized what he was about to do. “I have something important to say,” he said. “And someone’s approval to ask for.”  The he turned to my father, in front of my whole family, and asked for my hand. My grandmother started to cry. After getting the approval of my dad, David went down on one knee before me, took my hand in his and asked me to be his wife. The fishermen were so right about it being a night to remember!

Photos by 2 Brides Photography.