Mihir and Neyha's Bahamas Proposal

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How we met: Neyha literally chased/found me, we met on a public forum on Facebook – Sportbike Riders and Hot chicks, she had a love for motorcycles, especially Ducatis, I personally own a Triumph Daytona 675R. The starter of the page had asked her out, but she was not interested, she asked him if there were any other cuter riders w/ Ducatis. Every guy wanted her literally but me, so she found my profile randomly (deep down inside she was looking for an Indian guy) no idea she thought I was Indian. Long story short, she asked me out, I pushed her & dumped several times, until I fell hard for her. We met in August 2013, dumped after 2 dates, she found me again after 2 months – re-dated on November 2013, decided to make her my girlfriend on March 15 2014, went on our 1st vacation 8 day cruise Carnival & decided to ask for her hand on the boat, but HAD no idea how to until I met the photographer on the day before her birthday.

how they asked: The day of the proposal was on Neyha’s birthday. June 1, 2014 – we were on our cruise with Carnival arriving at our 2nd island: Half-moon Cay, Bahamas. We had made an appointment with a photographer on-board to do some memorable shots on the island for our first vacation together. The appointment was for 12:30noon, we arrived at the island around 9:30am, we had to kill some time. While we waited for 12:30pm to arrive, time was getting close, as I told Ney that I will meet the photographer at the meeting spot, she said “I will go use the bathroom and change.” While that was happening I met our photographer Subhash, a fellow Indian, as we were making small conversation, I brought up that this was our first vacation and I was planning on proposing on the balcony and that when I said hold on, to check my bag. I was looking for my sunglasses and realized I had my engagement ring in the bag and thought “what if” so I showed the ring to the photographer and said what do you think about helping me capture the moment on the beach – with 5 minutes all this was planned and the photographer created a plan of introduction of us as a couple and building the moment. I was able to sneak away for about a minute while Subhash took a picture of Neyha. I was able to write on the sand “Will you Marry Me” on a angle by the ocean so Ney could not see what I was doing. She thought I was playing in the water. When Subhash finally brought over Neyha, and she looked down to see what I was doing, she was startled to what she saw on the sand, shocked, Subhash was able to capture all the moments of the proposal in its natural state without re-enacting the moment. Neyha was shocked and did a double take as to her surprise I was asking her to marry me. She finally turned around and I was on my bended knee and that’s when she said Yes… Shocking to me I asked “Yes?” She screamed “Yes!” with confirmation. Our start of new life together. We are planning to get married in December 2015. My future mother-in-law, wedding planner and food caterer Flavors by J, will be planning our wedding. Perhaps since I proposed on an island we’ll do a destination island… perhaps Virgin Isle, not sure… Stay tuned!

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