Mihir and Leslie

MIHIR Y and Leslie S's Engagement in Brickell - Miami

How They Asked

I, Mihir, the groom to be, had to fly to Fort Lauderdale for a business trip from Jan 13-24, 2020. I was trying to figure a way to get my girl to come to FL for MLK JR wknd. Finally convinced Leslie within a 1.5 weeks time to fly down. We are both from NYC/NJ. I didn’t want to propose in NYC, too cliche for us. Long story short, after exhaustively calling every vendor to help me plan on a last-minute proposal, one man made it happen and luckily he was w/in miles from my client site, quickly booked the hotel, restaurant- Gene did the rest from Epic 31, in Brickell, the name says it all, no pun intended, it was as if the heavens wanted us to be presented this way.

Where to Propose in Brickell - Miami

Leslie, my fiancé now, is worse than a 5-year-old, I was rushing her to get ready – when we finally got down to the restaurant (Same hotel Epic Kimpton) I couldn’t let Leslie see the private room that was eloquently furnished w/ roses w/ a walkway, so prior to arriving at the hotel, Gene and I, the hotel Concierge, had a game plan. I would propose Before dinner, the photographer that was outside pretended to be the bartender getting ready for the outdoor event… I was trying to get Leslie just for a moment to stay quiet so I can give her my little speech, but I couldn’t get Leslie to stay still, because I rarely Dress up so she wanted to lots of pictures… finally I got Her to stay quiet and hear me out. “The big moment, drum rolls please”, finally got on my knees, Popped the Question, Leslie, will you make me the happiest man forever, will you marry me?

MIHIR Y's Proposal in Brickell - Miami

She started to laugh hysterically which made me a little nervous, then she was like “is this real” looked around, then started to cry, then said, “Should we take pictures?” That is when the flashes were going off,” I said Babe, it’s a Yes or a No, she bent down kissed me w/ happy tears, finally said Yes, “However I had to remind her that I cant Put the ring until she said yes” 😂 we walked over to the private dining where she had no idea what was in store, I rented a little private area for her and I only, dedicated server for a couple of hours… that hotel, Restaurant, Rest Manager, Chef & Server, and photographer, made it possible, it was the perfect fairytale Disney happily ever after setting even though it was in Brickell Miami.

I had the perfect people and woman present in my life, and I still Do, I will Cherish my Leslie as long as my heart beats for her!!! And appreciate the team that made it possible.

Special Thanks

 | Planning
Paula Osorno
 | Photographer
Chef Alex Olivie
 | Restaurant planning private dinning and cooking