Miguel and Irene

Proposal Ideas Amsterdam

How We Met

Miguel moved to Amsterdam from Belgium in January 2016 for work. I am Dutch and was already living in Amsterdam. Our first date was on March 22nd, 2016 after meeting on Tinder. It was in a cute bar in the center of Amsterdam, it lasted for a couple of hours and we both really enjoyed it. At the end of the date, we had our first kiss on a bridge over a typical Amsterdam canal, where he almost dropped his bike in the water. After 3 months of dating, I asked him what our status was and he answered: “You are my girlfriend, but I thought that was clear by seeing each other four times a week.”

Where to Propose in Amsterdam

8 months later I left for Uganda for 5 weeks to do an internship. Because of my trip, we didn’t spend our 1st Christmas and NYE together. While being there, away from him, I realized that I didn’t want to lose him. I had a great time in Uganda but was really happy when he came to pick me up from the airport.

A bit after our 1st anniversary we decided to move in together and we love living together in Amsterdam. Since then we have made trips to Italy, France, London, Greece, Thailand, Prague & Spain. I was ready to get engaged for some months because we already talked about getting married. Before our last trip to Spain I had my hopes up, but on the first day, he told me: “I am not proposing on a holiday because it would give me too much stress” (think me finding the ring in his suitcase). I realized he was thinking about it and I should just wait patiently.

How They Asked

A month after that it was a normal Tuesday, September 17th, 2019. I am a midwife and was off that day. In the morning he kissed me goodbye when he left for work. I had a hairdresser appointment that day and when I came home I walked into the biggest surprise! After opening the door I saw rose petals on the floor leading to a suitcase, I was in shock! I called him, but of course, he didn’t pick up and sent me a message I was only allowed to contact him if I was stuck.

A compartment of the suitcase was blocked and I had to get the key out of a magic box (side note: we like to do escape rooms together). Behind the lock, there were 4 puzzles to solve and a phone.

Each puzzle gave me a number and the 4 together were to code to unlock the phone. 3 of them I solved fast, but 1 was hard and it gave me some stress. When I finally found the last number the code turned out to be 2203 (first date). The phone showed another puzzle when I solved it showed the location of a restaurant where we like to go.

I put on a different dress very fast and left on my bike, probably the most nerve-racking bike ride I ever made. When I arrived at the restaurant I received a new message on the phone showing me a picture of something in the street. When I found it there was a magnet with the code 0605 (the date we moved in together) to enter the phone. The next location was outside of his old apartment, so there I went again on my bike. Again I had to find another code there, 1606 (the day I asked him our status). It showed the last location: the bridge where we had our first kiss. I biked as fast as I could to get there.

When I arrived at the bridge he proposed to me with the ring of my dreams and I screamed YES!

The proposal is special for us and it is a moment we will never forget.