Midelvia and Eli

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How We Met

Eli and I met at our church. His dad was the pastor, so I knew of him but he didn’t know of me. Quite some time passed until we met. One day, he reached out to me on social media, we got to know a little bit of each other.

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We didn’t keep in touch for long. Months followed and a common friend invited us out to dinner with other friends. Ironically, Eli had reached out on social media again. I hung out with him and his friends and we hit it off! The rest is history!

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How They Asked

Last summer I wanted to plan a nice picnic out at Piedmont park before Eli went back to school in Kentucky. We couldn’t plan anything on time so it didn’t happen. This summer he took the initiative of planning this picnic for us where he planned to propose.

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My Saturday morning consisted of me going to grab brunch and getting my nails done with one of my best friends, McKenzie. (She knew and planned the proposal with our common friends). I didn’t think much of it, I usually get my nails done every 2-3 weeks.

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It was time for me to get them done again. Also, it had been months since we hung out due to COVID-19 and quarantine. After, I returned home and got ready for our date. Eli told me to dress nice so we could get pictures. (I also love dressing up so this was no problem for me). He picked me up at 7 pm, he had his picnic basket in the truck and we were ready to go!

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We headed to Piedmont Park. At the park, I found several places for us to sit and have our picnic but Eli insisted on taking me to a “nicer” area he had seen before. I found that odd especially because the picnic basket was heavy and we had already walked so much, but I followed along. We walked down to a dock where a saw the most beautiful set up at the end of it. I mentioned how nice it was and believed we were going to go around it. But.. we ended up walking towards it so I asked: “where are we going?”. He didn’t reply.

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I just followed him and as I got closer to the set up I saw our dog, Lexi. I was so confused and surprised to see her there. She was laying down being such a good girl and covering her little sign until I got closer to greet and hug her. I saw she had something around her neck and I grabbed it and to my surprise, it said “will you marry daddy?”. I couldn’t believe it!

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As I turned to Eli I said “are you serious?”… but he was already on one knee. I started crying when I saw him. He popped the question and still crying I said “yes!”. I removed my pandora ring from my finger so fast and extended my hand! Then I gave him the tightest hug! All our friends came out from behind the trees and celebrated with us. It was perfect and so surreal!

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Special Thanks

Mckenzie Miklitsch
 | Photographer
Carly Barrera
 | Planning
Elvin Barrera
 | Planning