Michelle and Steven

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How We Met

It all started six and a half years ago, when Steven and I locked eyes at Chilis (where I work). He wouldn’t quit glancing at me, so I walked over and introduced myself. I was so nervous but I had to meet him. I knew he looked familiar. It turns out that we went to high school together, but had never met before. He started coming in on my shifts and finally asked for my number. We started dating and it didn’t take long for us to fall in love. I still get butterflies around him sometimes. My daughter Mikayla, who was 4 when we met, instantly loved him. He loves her like a daughter, which makes me love him even more.

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how they asked

February 2017, a group of our friends, Stevens parents, and the two of us came to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a vacation. Little did I know how unforgettable this trip would be. We took a day long snowmobile tour through Yellowstone National Park and stopped at the geyser “Old Faithful”, right as it was starting to erupt. It gets up to 130 feet high, so it was a beautiful sight to see.

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All of a sudden Steven gets down on one knee, tells me he loves me and asks,”will you be my Old Faithful?”. I held my hand out for him to slip the beautiful diamond on and I said yes! Such a surprise and very romantic!!

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Best day ever!! I’m engaged!!

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