Michelle and Skylor

Flashback to 2003, when I was just a young girl who spent most of my time singing, dancing, giggling and painting nails with the two other girls on the street. Funny enough, this was the first time I laid eyes on my now fiancé. It was summer break and I spent all day, everyday outside running from my house to the houses of my two girl friends at the time. I’ll never forget being that giddy pre-teen who shied away and squealed behind curtains with my best friends when we realized a family with two young boys moved onto the street. IMG_0169 It took a few days before any words were exchanged between us and the two new kids, but once they were…they never stopped. We spent all summer riding bikes, swimming in pools, eating ice cream and walking to the convenience store to buy way more chocolate milk than we needed.

The fall came quickly, but the fun didn’t efnd. Skylor would knock on our door every morning and walk to school with my brother and I. Despite Skylor finding himself 4 different girlfriends in one year, it didn’t take long before realizing that I had my first real crush. We spent all of our free time together, before we knew it we were counting down the days until summer break, hoping that it would be just as amazing as the year before. This was when we were faced with the test of 40677_415647776953_4066532_nfate. It was June 2004 when Skylor and his brother Josh had announced that they were moving back to Trenton. I’ll never forget delivering a card to each of them on moving day with a note and $20.00 each (for a 10 year old, this was my life savings). My heart broke, Trenton which is only an hour from Whitby, felt like it was in another continent. I’ll never forget crying as I grabbed my scooter and rode it down the sidewalk to my house knowing that they were leaving for good.

Despite moving, we never did lose touch. We continued to live our separate lives, never admitting to any feelings for each other. With time my feelings faded, and I too began dating. Although we both went through the ups and downs in multiple relationships, that never stopped us from bonding as best friends. Skylor would come and visit as often as he could, which increased as we grew up. A week or two at a time he’d stay with my family and I. We’d swim, bake, camp,go for walks, stay up late watching movies, and go on day trips. Despite battling jealous significant others, our feelings for one another were never a subject we discussed, they were just there. To be honest, I think we just ignored them for the most part and just enjoyed being with each other.


It wasn’t until I went through a terrible break up that Skylor finally told me how he felt about me. It had been three years since his last relationship and I was newly single after serial dating for years, so he seized the opportunity. I’ll never forget that day, I went from feeling like I had lost everything, to feeling like my life was just beginning. Over the years I always wondered how he had felt about me. He’d always let me rest my head on his shoulder, or put my feet on his lap while we watched movies. He’d make me breakfast in my own home, and put my dishes away. But it never dawned on me, he was always just my best friend. The day he told me how he felt about me, everything flashed back. Everything made sense! The jealous boyfriends who always felt threatened by him, the gestures, but most importantly, the way he never stopped coming back.

It took me a while to realize my feelings for him, I was scared. I didn’t want to believe him when he said he had loved me for years but never wanted to intrude since I seemed happy. But once I allowed myself to find my feelings, there was no greater feeling in the world. It was instant, he was never just my best friend, he was my movie buddy, my comedian, the one i’d run to for help. It just made sense.

November 19, 2012, Skylor was moving in to his first home. By this time we had both realized how we felt about each other, we were sending hundreds of text messages a day and calling each other every night. I’ll forever be grateful to my boss at the time who knew the whole story. Not only did she listen to our history in awe, but she forced me to take my holidays and help Skylor settle into his new home, and so I did. Arriving by train, I spent the whole week in Trenton with my best friend. They always say “you just know”, and with everything being out on the table, my heart mended from my last break up, I “just knew” that he’d be the man I’d spend my life with.


By the beginning of December I was driving to Trenton every weekend to stay with Skylor. It didn’t take long before we talked about moving in together (even though I knew I’d be subjecting myself to a house full of Toronto Maple Leaf paraphernalia). It sounds cliche, but we didn’t want to spend a moment apart and it just got harder and harder to leave every time I had to go back to work. However, I insisted that I had to find a job in Trenton before I left my job at the time. We bought a puppy together in January 2013, to this day he is still our whole world. Shortly after we bought Cooper, fate once again proved to be on our side as I soon found a job out in Trenton with Skylor’s help. By April 2013, we were under the same roof with our little fur baby. This was wonderful as my mom and step dad moved to the area shortly after as well, putting the icing on the cake since Skylor was very close with the two of them as a result of staying with us over the years.


So, how did he ask?? Well, this lucky girl was presented with an all day affair. Skylor’s an Architectural Designer for a builder out in Wellington, so he had to work the weekend before. Since he had to work, he told me that he had planned something for the weekend after. I was excited, but figured it was a casual date consisting of mini-putting and dinner (a favourite combo). We had booked our Little Coop to go to the vet the Saturday of, first thing in the morning. So on the day of the proposal I had gotten out of bed early, to get ready for our date (Skylor told me I had to be ready before the vet appointment). When I got out of the shower I had found a note, Skylor was gone. His note had said that he wanted me to enjoy the day, so he cancelled Cooper’s appointment and booked me a manicure instead. I was thrilled, what girl doesn’t like to get her nails done?! However, I thought nothing of it as Skylor is famous for these little gestures. After arriving at the nail salon, about 5 minutes into my manicure my sister (who lives in Whitby with my dad) showed up. I was SHOCKED to see her as I didn’t even know she was in town. She had yet another card in her hand, that had stated that he wanted me to have some laughs and enjoy my manicure with my sister, whom he was treating as well.


After our manicures, we drove back to our place where we met Skylor and my sister’s boyfriend. Skylor had informed me that he agreed to drive them back to my dad’s and ensured me our date was still going to happen. This didn’t matter to me as I was just so happy to see my sister, and I love car rides. After dropping them off at my dad’s, Skylor handed me another note stating that he was going to take us on a trip down memory lane and that there was a CD in the stereo to set the mood. I was so surprised, and pressed play. The CD consisted of 12 songs, one of which was the song we listened to on our way camping about 7 years ago. We had shared a pair of head phones and listened to this song multiple times. He claims that while I was singing it over and over, it was one of the first moments he realized that he had feelings for me. Some of the other songs included: our first dance together, the first song he posted on my facebook wall, the song we listened to when we first started dating and a bunch of other songs that remind him of me. This CD was enough to make me tear up, but just as we got to the 3rd song, I knew where we were going. Skylor drove me past our elementary school, the park we played at, an old trail where we spent most of our days biking, the convenience store where we spent a lot of money on chocolate milk, and then down our old street where we met. It was a beautiful journey down memory lane, it felt like it was just yesterday with him by my side.

After our trip down memory lane, we got back on the highway and headed back to Trenton. Our date was not over yet, he assured me. After zigzagging up and down numerous streets to try and confuse me, we headed up Mount Pelion, the highest point which over looks all of Trenton. It was breathtaking as it was a beautiful day with barely any clouds in the sky. Looking back now, I should’ve snapped a picture!! It was a special moment considering Mount Pelion was one of the first places Skylor took me when I officially moved to Trenton. After a few minutes, I was handed another card informing me that he was going to take me to the place we had our first date. We went to one of our favourite restaurants, and to both of our surprise, they sat us in the exact same spot where we had our first date. Tommasso’s was recently renovated and they had ripped out almost all of the original booths. I had thought for sure that Skylor requested this particular spot, but he insists he didn’t. We blame it on fate once again.

After a delicious dinner and our favourite dessert, we once again got in the car and began to drive. This time I was handed a card informing me that Skylor was going to take me to a romantic location where we could be alone. After taking our time down all of the back roads, we eventually ended up at a beach in Wellington. This was a beach we had been to before, one that I had mentioned how much I adored it and it’s beauty. Skylor took my hand and led me toward the water where we sat on some old logs. This was where I received my very last card as the sun was setting. This card stated: “Dear My Pretty Girl, On this day 10 years ago I had to move away from you. Although we were able to visit each other, it was still hard to hold back the tears every time I left. I am so thankful we can now be with each other every day, and I can’t wait to spend forever with you as my wife”. Seconds later he explained just how much he loved me, informed me that he had the blessing of our parents, and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes, in fact I said yes before he even had the ring out of his pocket. He likes to joke about how the box could’ve had a ring pop in it, but we both know that the box could’ve been empty and I still would’ve said YES. Skylor was a huge part of my past, present, and he will always be my future. There’s so much more to the story, our story, but it would take a whole series of books to tell it. I look forward to continuing our story with my best friend, my now fiancé, and my future husband.