Michelle and Zack

How We Met

Zack and I actually met online – I accidentally swiped right on his profile and had no idea until he messaged me! Short messages turned into paragraphs, paragraphs turned into him giving me his phone number, and texts turned into a Skype call. We decided to meet in person back in November of 2014. We saw Big Hero 6 when it first came out, drove around my hometown until the morning hours, and watched Adventure Time until 3 in the morning before Zack went home. Less than a month later we were officially a couple! To think the best thing to ever happen to me all started because a dating app updated their website and I didn’t know what “swipe right” meant!

How They Asked

It was a rough week – crazy snow storms, my car was giving me trouble, and Zack kept changing up the date of a “secret surprise” he had planned. He finally spilled the beans (since I was getting suspicious he might be proposing) and said he planned a fun day with our photographer friend, Rachel, and her new boyfriend.

A double date! We would be going to Longwood Gardens since the weather was warming up and the snow would be melting. Rewind about 3 years back to our first anniversary together, Zack and I went to Longwood Gardens and we saw this beautiful gazebo there. I got a chill and thought to myself that this is exactly where I wanted to be proposed to.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Longwood Gardens

Back to the present, we had arrived at the same gazebo and I practically ran toward it (much to Zack’s relief I later discovered). Zack jokingly asked me what I would do if he bent over to tie his shoe, and I laughed it off, saying I would totally scream. I walked away and Zack said, “Hang on a second!” I turned around and saw him waving me back toward the gazebo. It was then that I knew it was happening.

I walk back and I warily asked him “What are you doing?” since I didn’t want to assume anything. Without saying another word, he dropped down on one knee, pulling out a small black box from his coat. I screamed “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” before he opened the box and asked, “Will you marry me?” I don’t even think I said yes at the time – I fell to my knees crying, nodding my head and doing my best to keep it together. Zack and Rachel knew I would be suspicious if it was just those two, and invited her new boyfriend along to throw me off. It totally worked, and I was so shocked and surprised. I didn’t even see it coming!!

Michelle and Zack's Engagement in Longwood Gardens

Special Thanks

Rachel Thomas
 | Photographer