Michelle and Tyler

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How We Met: We met as kids, and grew up together through school. Tyler was in Boy Scouts with my brother, with my dad as one of their leaders. We interacted at events and in school. In freshman year of high school (2010), we became best friends. We would go four-wheeling behind his house, play ping-pong in the basement, and spend time with our families together. My best friend, Amanda, became his best friend also. He became part of my childhood friend group – the people we consider family around where we live.

The summer between freshman year and sophomore year, my parents planned a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Since my brother, Andrew, was also good friends with Tyler, we invited him with us on the two-week-long trip. As much as my sister, Sara, and Tyler get along, we were going to Wyoming for some hiking trips, and Sara is just not a big hiker so she did not come with us, unfortunately. But on this trip, Tyler basically became part of my family.

Our friendship became stronger and more meaningful. This was in August; when we got back from our vacation, we all had to go back to school. Starting off our sophomore year (2011), Tyler and I maintained our close friendship; doing our homework together, hanging out, and smiling the whole while. Come November 21st, he asked me out… Finally. For months, our friends kept asking when we were just going to date already! Well it finally happened.

We went places together, talked about personal things, became part of each other’s families, and, yes, we had our ups and downs. The biggest challenge for us was when I went away to college and he went to community college. It was a hard transition for us since we had always lived right down the road from each other. But it’s 2015 now, and we’re more in love than ever!

how they asked: On August 24th, we set out on our vacation of the summer. We had it all planned out; everything we wanted to do – and of course, Tyler had a little something extra planned out for us! We drove to the Lake George area of New York, and began our day by going to Fort William Henry to see the history behind those walls. After that, we checked into our nice little cabin room in Bolton Landing, unpacked, and ate lunch. We had planned a dinner cruise for that night. It was on the Lac du Saint Sacrement for about three hours.

We got all dressed up for the occasion, had a glass of wine together and ate a very well-prepared meal. He had on a suit and tie, while I wore a long black evening gown with sparkly sequins all over it and a peek-a-boo showing my upper and mid back. We met people over dinner, became friends with the people around us, and enjoyed every minute of the ambiance. About halfway through our cruise, we went up to the top deck to take pictures. We brought our drinks with us and watched the sun set over Lake George. It was beautiful and majestic in every sense of the word. I had finished my drink, and Tyler sent me to the bar to get another one.

Tyler said later, he never realized a sangria could take so long to make! Of course, that was just his nerves talking, because when I came back with my drink, Tyler put my drink down, grabbed my hands, and said, “I hope you know, I love you with all my heart.” He got down on one knee as he pulled a silver box out of his jacket pocket. Looking up at me with a truly happy smile, he asked, “Will you marry me?” I had been waiting for this moment for so long – after five long years – I said yes immediately!

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Every ounce of happiness in me, you could see in the huge smile on my face and my blushing cheeks. He slid the gorgeous ring onto my finger, stood up, and kissed me – a kiss I will never forget as long as I live.

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We carried out the remaining three days of our vacation as a celebration of our engagement, rented a boat for the day, had picnics, went to wine tastings, and finished off the week with Lake George’s “Fireworks Over the Lake.” Taking the next big step in life was a huge change, and we couldn’t be any happier than we are now. Except maybe on our wedding day!