Michelle and Tung

How We Met

Tung was doing youth work which invited university students to come enjoy outdoor and indoor activities. One day, I, Michelle popped in with my friends. Tung was the one who greeted us that day. That’s how we met each other. After that, we hanged out sometimes, having meals and introduced each other friends.

How They Asked

The proposal originally happened on a beach in Spain. It was a surprise! There was not a lot of people around. The sunlight lit up the sea. Tung got down on one knee… When we approached the photographer, she offered an engagement shoot and we thought it would be great to ‘re-do’ this and have it recorded this time, so that’s why we picked a seaside town and had the shoot on the beach. It was a bit unfortunate it did not go well because of the Covid measure applied. There was a one-way system which we had to go a long way to get to the beach. But, we still love the photos and video we have got!


Our Video

Special Thanks

Snapshot Cafe
 | Photography
Forever Love Journey
 | Videography
Chesil Beach
 | Engagement Photo Location