Michelle and Toon

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How We Met

I spotted the hottest guy in school and thought ‘he’s mine!’ and so he is. We met when we were sixteen, but felt right away this was more than just a friendship or a fling. On Valentine’s day 2009 we had our first date. Not that we are romantic people and we love Valentine’s day, not at all, but it was a wednesday and we had a half day of school, so we could meet in the afternoon. We were both so nervous, but felt right away ‘wow, this is it!’ He was shy and I was a young girl, so I waited for him to make a move. Four days later on the 18th of february 2009, he walked up to me at school and kissed me like it was a scène from an old Hollywood film. He held my head and my back while he kissed me and it felt like a was flying. The first kiss of many…

how they asked

We did a trip through Bali from South to North. It was the first time we went this far on Vacation, but felt so welcome. The first week of our trip was over and we would stay at Villa Mega View in Tirtagangga. We had some difficulties with our credit card, taxi’s, etc. and we were pretty bumped about it. The more our exitement was when we arrived at villa mega view. This view is MEGA, wow, sooo gorgeous! We choose a room upstairs so we had an even more beautiful vieuw than at the pool. Like it couldn’t be more epic, we were all alone for the night. No other tourist in de guesthouse, but also no tourist in the area. We were all alone in the middle of nowhere, only rice fields, vulcano’s and the sound of nature. We sat at the pool with something to drink, when Toon asked if we could sit upstairs for a more beautiful vieuw. I was like ‘Yeah, I also wanted to ask!’ so we went upstairs. I placed two seats at the upper terras and it was breathtaking. The sun was setting, beautiful clouds and such silence. Toon joined me and said ‘I love you, I really like you, you know that right? ‘I love you too and I really like you to!’ I said. He asked for a hug so I hugged him. He said ‘It’s beautiful isn’t it?’ I said it was. During the hug I remember this most beautiful vieuw of mountains and the different colors in the sky and his heart beating like crazy. Before I could ask if everything was OK or even the second I though ‘oh, is he gonna propose to me?!’ He took the ring out of his pocket and got on one knee with the question if I wanted to marry him. I did not see that coming. The reaction you see in proposal photo’s, when the future bride is gasping with her hands before her mouth, that is a reflex, you do it automatically! I cried, yeah, of course I cried. He had to ask ‘Is this a yes?’ Because I wasn’t saying anything, just crying with my hands for my face. I replied ‘yes!’ He put the ring on my shaking hand and we had the most intense hug we ever had. After ten minutes of shaking, crying and talking, we took this picture. I wanted to have a picture at the same time it happened, the same sky and same colors we saw.

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