Michelle and Taylor

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How We Met

It was a normal day at work until a water pipe line burst. We were required to leave the building, naturally, and were told to work remotely. Taylor and I both found ourselves at the same little coffee shop and ended up talking for hours that day. I always refer to it as our “accidental” first date. What started as playful flirtation soon grew to be an undeniably close friendship that later lead to the realization that neither of us wanted to do life without the other.

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how they asked

Fast-forward two years and I found myself following the instructions on a clue that lead me on a scavenger hunt I would remember for the rest of my life! He had planned the PERFECT day for me (boys take note). I started at a coffee shop with my best friends, and not just any coffee shop, our coffee shop. From there he sent me to get a glorious massage, and following the massage I received a note to go home and shower. Let me just say, I am so grateful for his attention to little details (like my obsession with being clean). Next I had lunch with another friend who FORCED me to eat my sandwich. I was so nervous I could barely focus on anything but the flutter of my heartbeat. After that (yep, another stop) I went to get my nails done with my long time best friend. I tried to coax the rest of his plan out of her, but to no avail. I had to wait, oh so patiently because my nails were drying.

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To make the day better, he blocked me on his phone so I couldn’t call or text him all day. I was completely in the dark, and honestly it was one of the first times in our relationship I did’t have the option of talking to him!

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Finally, I made it to the end of the scavenger hunt, eight and a half hours later! He was on one knee asking me the question I had (impatiently) waited all day to hear. You’re here reading this now, so I obviously said yes!

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Special Thanks

Jessica Santos
 | Photographer