Michelle and Stephen

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Ireland

My fiancé and I met when we were in high school. The first time I saw him, I knew I wanted him to be my boyfriend. Turns out my friends knew him, and some of them were friends with him. Over the next year or so, I got to know him and made it pretty clear that I was interested. He finally kissed me in June 2010 and we have been together ever since! Since then, I’ve graduated college and now work as a registered nurse. Stephen is still in school working towards being an engineer. In August 2017 we decided to book a trip to Thailand through a trip company. We were super excited! Well, 6 weeks before our trip, the company canceled our trip saying there weren’t enough people signed up. We were devastated! So much planning and preparation for nothing. They refunded most of our money, and with that vacation time off of work and school we still wanted to do something fun. We decided to visit a travel agent at our local AAA to see what we could throw together in just 6 weeks. Our travel agent Rachel totally took care of us and by the time we left AAA we had a whole trip to Ireland planned! The entire time we planned these trips I did not even think there was a chance Stephen would be proposing. In fact, my best friend asked me the night before we left, “what do you think the chances are of Stephen proposing?” My reply? “Negative 110%” HA! If you zoom in on this picture I attached, you can see the pure shock on my face. Stephen asked someone to take a picture of us and the next thing I knew he was down on one knee. This was one of the happiest days of my life. I am so excited to marry my perfect match on the 9th anniversary of our first kiss, June 2019.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Ireland