Michelle and Stefan

Image 1 of Michelle and Stefan

How We Met

Our apartments in Downtown Denver has a courtyard in the middle where all the dogs play. Well, one day I was letting my pup out and noticed a new attractive man in our courtyard with his extremely cute labradoodle (everyone knows everyone so we can easily eye a new person) Our dogs started to play and we started to talk. We introduced ourselves and from that moment I could not stop thinking about him. My dog, Bogie, is really picky with who he likes and he always loved playing with Briggs and seeing Stefan. We would always run into each other but no moves were made on his end yet. Well, on 4th of July almost 2 years ago we were all at the pool and he was very straight forward and said he wanted to date me. From that night on we’ve been inseparable. I always tell him that my dog chose him since Bogie always led me to him in our courtyard.

how they asked

In the beginning of October my friend Jess who is a photographer with her husband emailed me and asked if Stefan and I can do a styled fall shoot for them to put on their website that they are revamping. I was so thrilled and honored that she asked us to model for them! Well, we arrive at Mt. Falcon Park that’s about 30 minutes away from Denver and has beautiful views. We greeted them and Jess told us to just start walking towards the mountains as she snaps pictures.

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We start walking and about 5 minutes in Stefan said “we should pose like this” and I thought he was fixing his pant leg or shoe as I saw him bend down, next thing you know it he’s on one knee asking me to be his wife!

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I started crying and was in complete shock! I just couldn’t believe the love of my life was asking me to be his wife! We cried, laughed, and jumped in excitement!

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We continued to snap some pictures as it was a true engagement shoot.

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