Michelle and Selvin

How We Met

Selvin and I met at his sisters wedding 5 yrs before we actually started talking. In the summer of 2017 Selvin and I started to see more of each other as he had just finished college and we hung around mutual friends. The actual flirting didn’t start til a birthday party we attended in October :)

How They Asked

Selvin made the most perfect surprise engagement surrounded by both our families.(His sister and brother in law where the only ones who knew and had been holding the ring for him 2 months before he proposed)he decided to POP the question when we hosted a Gingerbread decorating contest at our home, when It came time to announce the winner he showed a video he made on the screen (I was still clueless since the video/slideshow included picture we had taken throughout our relationship with family and friends-I’m thinking how sweet an end of year slide show lol) until I read “ it’s been an amazing year .. but somethings still missing….. will you Marry Me Michelle?” As the song “will you marry me started playing” I turn around and there he is on one knee!! And of course I said YES!



Special Thanks