Michelle and Scott

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Empire State Building in NYC

How We Met

Scott and I met in highschool but didn’t hang out with the same people or have any classes together so we didn’t know each other that well even though we were in the same grade! It wasn’t until about 11ish years later that he would add me to Instagram and then to blackberry messenger for the iPhone and slide into my DM’s (we like to joke about that haha) but basically that’s what happened! We started talking over bbm and then text messaging which turned into phone calls and then finally after talking for over a month we decided to meet up. He picked me and my tipsy friends up from a local bar and drove them home and he and I spent the night talking and laughing watching Seinfeld( our fav show) and eating McDonald’s (we are very classy people lol) in his basement at his parents home where we share

d our first kiss and cuddle and we have been together everyday since that night but made it official December 20th 2014❤️

Michelle and Scott's Engagement in The Empire State Building in NYC

how they asked

I am gonna leave that to Scott because

He tells it better then I do! This is the Instagram post that he made the day after he proposed which explains the whole thing!!

Special Thanks

A friendly stranger took the pictures the night of!
 | Photographer
Zach Bird
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