Michelle and Sam - Married in Santorini!

How we met: At the time, I was an engineering intern while Sam was in sales at the same technology company. After several happy hours with our coworkers, Sam accompanied me to a local Greek Festival for our first date. We had a blast eating gyros, greek salads and way more than our fair share of baklava. Before leaving we dropped two tickets into a raffle to win plane tickets to Greece. (Little did we know at the time we would be saying our vows in Santorini 4 years later to the day!) Since we were having a great time together we decided to take a walk through one of the beautiful parks located in the area. True to a classic Portland, Oregon date, we got caught in the rain and managed to get soaked. We then made our way over to a coffee shop by our apartments in downtown to warm up. After our Americanos were done we still didn’t want to say goodbye. Our last stop was the grocery store to pick up food for the week. We had a blast laughing throughout the aisles and learning more about each other (and our cupboards) along the way. From that day forward, we never left each other’s side.

how they asked: After graduating school, Sam treated me to two plane tickets anywhere in the world. It was easy decision since I had dreamed of going to Paris as long as I can remember. We hit the museums, shopped, soaked in the wonderful architecture around Paris and rang in the new year together with a bottle of champagne under the Eiffel Tower. On the evening of January 1st as we were walking back to our hotel after (another) fantastic dinner, we decided to cut through a beautiful old square called Place Vendôme. At that time of night we were all alone in the square with the dramatically uplight hotels and boutiques with holiday lights and opera music. It was pure magic. When we stopped for a moment to take it all in Sam proposed.