Michelle and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met when we were 13. I had just moved to his town and we went to the same camp. We don’t really remember much about each other back then because we didn’t have the same classes or hang out with mutual friends. We were on the same bus all throughout middle school and high school. We worked together for seven years together at the town camp and only had one class together throughout high school-chemistry. We became better friends during this time through college.

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how they asked

After 6 years of knowing each other, we started dating in our sophomore year of college & have been together for 6 years since. For months we had been discussing the possibility of getting engaged. We looked at a few jewelry stores and I found a few rings I really liked. However, he continuously told me the time was not right to get engaged. During the summer of 2017 we went on 3 trips- Canada, Universal Studios, & Cape Cod. Being a dorky Harry Potter fan, I figured if there’s one good place to pop the question it has to be Harry Potter World right? Wrong. I went to Canada & Florida with thoughts that MAYBE I’d come back with a ring. So by the time the Cape Cod trip came, I didn’t really have my hopes up anymore. We had gone 6 days into the trip without him popping the question and the trip was almost over. Well every year we go up to Yarmouth & visit my father’s old house and the boardwalk behind it. The boardwalk is sentimental to the family. My sister & I have the longitude & latitude tattooed on our sides. It was just starting to rain, but my dad insisted on walking on the boardwalk until we found our plank (with our name on it), but I didn’t really want to. My mom encouraged me to & when we found it Ryan asked if I wanted to take a picture together. Since he never asks to take pictures together, I didn’t oppose & had my entire family holding up a camera to us. Looking back, I should have realized this was odd, but at the time I didn’t. When Dad says to say “cheese”, he gets down on one knee & takes my hand. He says “You’re my best friend and we waited a really long time to do this. I told you I would do it when it made sense for both of us and now that I’m in that position, I don’t want to wait any longer. Will you marry me?” Through the sobs and tears, I said yes to my best friend. 34 years ago, my father was going to propose to my mom at the same exact boardwalk, but the weather was bad & she refused to get out of the car. I’m happy she nudged me to keep walking down the boardwalk to the moment I’ll never forget.

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