Michelle and Ross

Image 1 of Michelle and Ross

How We Met

Ross was a mechanic and I was a cashier at Canadian Tire. He never spoke to me really just came to my till all the time. Eventually one day I started a conversation with aka flirting. It went great! So I decided than to find him on Facebook and add him so we could get to know each other more. Eventually it led to him coming to cost me when he wasn’t working and than we went on our first date. He was so shy and so so sweet. He took me to restaurant an hour away that had fancy Italian food. By the 5th date at the end of February he finally kissed me. That moment for sure was when I knew how in love I was with this man and how much I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

how they asked

Ross is always causal laid back kind of guy. So big an extravagant is not our thing at all… I was in our bedroom getting our Aussie Shepard ready for her trip to petsmart. Than all of a sudden Ross walked in. He was acting kinda strange and nervous and like that he went down on one knee popped the box open and said “Michelle your the love of my life, the one I see forever with, will you marry me?” right after he said that our dog Lola jumped from off our bed and knocked the ring out of his hands and we spent 5 minutes looking around for it. It was so quirky and funny how it happened, but it was suitable to us. So I loved it.

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