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My birthday is April 4th and I was planning a get together at my house. Early April 1st, he wakes me up, takes me out to breakfast and tells me he has a surprise for me. Intrigued I ask what. He responds, we are going to Colorado for your birthday we leave on Tuesday, we’re going shopping then home to pack our bags. Immediately I laugh and say Haha April fools. Seriously he says. We leave in 2 days. And reality hits. Wait, I cant just take 3 days off and I start to panic. He looks at me and says ” don’t worry, I called your boss. The time off is approved.”

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Fast forward to Tuesday night…we arrive in Denver and drive to Copper Mountain. The next morning, Wednesday the 4th, is my birthday. He tells me he has a day full of adventure planned for us. We grab breakfast and head to Sapphire Point in Breckenridge, where he wants to get some footage of the views with his drone and 2 GoPros. This isn’t unusual, so I think nothing of it. We arrive at the top of the mountain and take a small hike to the overlook. As he sets up his gear, I am intrigued by these little chipmunks and I am paying him no mind.

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Suddenly, He says “Bae. Come here.” I turn around and there he is on one knee, with this black box and a sparkling ring in it and says, “will you please marry me? I love you. ” I overwhelmed with joy and am caught by surprise. I immediately start smiling and crying and say YES! THEN…Emily, a photographer he hired comes out from the trees and is capturing the moment! And not only does she secretly get our proposal and my reaction on film, but we do a proposal photo shoot in this breathtaking place and it’s all ours!

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There is nobody but us and Emily to Basque in our love, joy and new beginning. Ronnie then tells me the day isn’t over. He has another surprise for me and he takes us snowmobiling! The birthday trip continued with skiing and hiking and pure happiness! It was truly incredible. What makes it more special is he only showed the ring to our puppy (our furbaby) and got her permission. He carefully and thoroughly planned for 6 months and executed this magical moment PERFECTLY! He was able to capture our proposal by drone, GoPro video, and professional photography! The weather, scenery, and love was pure magic. Talk about BEST birthday EVER!

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