Michelle and Robert

Well, we had been in a group setting of 52 for most of our European adventure, 8 countries total. He apparently had the ring in his back pack the whole time, terrified that I would go through it looking for something else… which almost happen a couple times but he stopped me, which was weird but I didn’t think anything of it. He also left it on our tour bus several times after our guide had warned us not to leave anything valuable.

We had just had 5 days in hot hot hot Italy, and now we were in Switzerland! It was so nice out and enjoyable, we actually needed a jacket once to the top of stanza horn.

Once we arrived at the top, the view point, we noticed a few others had hiked up even a little further. So we went! It was pretty steep and the elevation was quite hard to breathe. He kept rushing me to the top because he wanted a moment alone (wasn’t aware everyone had came down already) and I took my time and tried to catch my breathe and enjoyed he scenery. “Hurry come on, hurry up!” I just assumed the view was even more outrageous at the top.

Once to the very top, we enjoyed the whole view it was absolutely gorgeous. He then, in a very serious tone, said “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” In almost a ditsy tone said “awww, me too” and then glanced to my left to smile at him, and he was already down on one knee… breathing seemed to be even harder at that moment! I started to shake and cry and then he gently shook my hand after already patiently waited for me to say something… I then said yes and continued to sob and hug him so tight!


Marriage Proposal Ideas in On top of a Mountain (stanza horn) in Switzerland!

Where to Propose in On top of a Mountain (stanza horn) in Switzerland!