Michelle and Rob

how we met

We met during our first class of freshman year at Butler University. It was a small seminar type of class with only about 18 people, so we met everyone right away.

how they asked

The proposal planning started about three months before the actual proposal itself. Rob talked with both his parents and Michelle’s parents to get both families’ blessings, and then plans immediately started to form. The proposal happened two days after Michelle’s birthday, so she thought they were just going out for a nice weekend together with brunch and hangout out around downtown. Rob woke up way too early for it to be a Saturday, so Michelle could start to notice that he was acting a little strange, but still didn’t know what was about to come. Rob was going to surprise Michelle with one of their favorite brunch spots on Butler’s campus, but it was closed. He already knew that, and it was all part of the plan. When they arrived on campus to find out that it was closed, Rob suggested that they just walk around and enjoy the beautiful day for a little bit instead. They went down to a bench by the bell tower, and Rob gave Michelle her birthday card that had a surprise inside. He had given her his late grandmother’s earrings, and they were stunning. Rob thought this would be enough to throw Michelle off any trail she might have been catching on to. They decided to get up and continue their walk, and when Michelle turned back around, Rob was down on one knee. She instantly started crying happy tears, and didn’t hear a word of Rob’s proposal speech, but could at least give a head nod to say yes! A secret photographer then came out from behind the trees and got pictures of the entire thing. And it’s still not done. They decided to go up to the top of the bell tower and Michelle turned around to see both of their families walking down the steps to meet them. More happy tears and more laughing as they walked around the pond to meet their families that were waiting with champagne to celebrate!

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