Michelle and Ray

Image 1 of Michelle and Ray Lego

How We Met

Ray and I met in a completely normal way: at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant where we were both servers. From there, though, we’ve done everything we can to make our story much more exciting than Calabash chicken sales and below average tips. Within our first two months of dating, we went to twenty US states on a low budget. We’ve added six to that number since, and plan to get to all fifty one day. Since we’ve met, the spontaneity has been evident, and now he’s decided there is nobody he’d rather do life with, all of its ups and downs, than me (of course, those are his words, not mine)! I couldn’t help but to ecstatically say yes, and you’ll know why once you see the video of the proposal!

how they asked

In one year of dating, Ray and I went to twenty-six states. In March 2016, I told him that he missed a golden opportunity to propose in New York City underneath the “Lego” sign (considering Lego is his last name).

So, for the next three months, he took it to the drawing board, recreated eleven of our favorite locations, acquired a Barack Obama mask and a flash mob (aka family and friends), and prepared to unknowingly give me the exact proposal I wanted. It was the sweetest thing ever (disregard my bias). We hope you enjoy it!

Our Video