Michelle and Paris

how we met

Yesss, we met at a bar. So romantic, I’m aware. Technically though, we met on Bumble – even MORE romantic! Paris and I started talking on Bumble. I swear, he was the only sweet guy on there. I was still skeptical though, which led to a delay in meeting up. Well, sort of.Not too long after our cyber encounter, we ran into each other at a bar. Completely unplanned…Fate?? haha. We immediately locked eyes and I was like, “Where do I know this gorgeous guy?” – why Bumble of course! I walked right up to him (first time ever approching a guy). After a short and sweet conversation, I had to go. I messaged him my phone number on Bumble, told him to text me, and left. Thirty minutes later, I was already wondering why he hadn’t text me – turns out I gave him the wrong number. Classic. I messaged him the right number, got a text right away, and the rest is history!

how they asked

He proposed in the middle of the redwood circle in Carbon Canyon, the only place in S. Cali with redwoods, my FAV! I was definitely surprised. I was also happy he did it with just us. We both aren’t the biggest fan of crowds and are more intimate when it comes to special moments. It was totally perfect and straight up magical.

Special Thanks

Loren Popoy
 | Makeup Artist
 | Dress Store