Michelle and Nick

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How We Met

Nick and I met our freshmen year of college six years ago. Even though it was not love-at-first-sight, it was definitely butterflies in the stomach feeling for the both of us. He lived on the first floor of our freshmen dorm and I lived on the second floor. My friends and I would always walk past his room on our way to dinner every day. We would always find a way to say hi or smile at each other to get one another’s attention. Nick had another girlfriend at the time, so I was always respectful and kept my feelings about him to myself. When I heard that he broke up with his girlfriend, I remained neutral. A few months went by and our friendship became stronger, but one night changed it all for us. I saw Nick at a college bar that we would always go to and our mutual friends started talking. I am really really shy so I thought I needed some liquid courage. We were inseparable the whole night, but luckily we both remember everything. He walked me back to my room and he put his number in my phone. He also told me that he was working up to this moment, but knew how shy I was. We eventually started dating, but every time I walked past his room I would get butterflies and hope that I would get that simple “hey”, that would make my entire day.

Five years later, we live with each other and added a special addition to our love, which is Lulu. We thought all was right in the world until December came when I passed out and was admitted to the ICU and almost went into a coma. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes unexpectedly. The doctor said I could have died in the next day since my blood sugars were so high. Ever since then I thought my life was turned upside down. Nick was always there for me and always said he wanted to marry me. I think ever since that day Nick did not want to wait another moment to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him. He did not want that moment to be almost taken away again.

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how they asked

On our five year anniversary, Nick and I walked to Washington Square Park and he finally asked me to spend the rest of our life together. This place is special because we went there on one date five years ago and haven’t been back since. I’ve always said that we needed to go back and he returned the favor in the most beautiful way!

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