Michelle and Nicholas

Michelle and Nicholas's Engagement in NYC: The Chrysler Building

How We Met

Nicholas and I met during Summer of ​2012, at a local neighborhood bar. My best friend introduced us and at the time I had no interest in him what so ever. However, Nicholas being Nicholas, was very persistent and got me to talk to him with the use of a very clever strategy. I was the designated driver, so Nicholas decided to buy me Shirley temples. Within seconds after ordering my first “drink,” Nicholas had me sitting at the bar laughing the night away.

I left that night and we saw each other the following night at a friend’s house where he asked for my number. We spoke a lot the whole week and he asked me out on a date, I hesitantly agreed, and mostly agreed because I loved his sense of humor.

We went out on our first date for frozen yogurt; we hung out until closing. Our first date turned into a second, and a third! At this point we were not official yet but, as we continued to talk, hang out, and go on dates a relationship was forming.

Hurricane Sandy struck, and my family was hit hard. It was a difficult time for myself and my family and Nicholas pulled through as always not only making me laugh and smile, but also getting our refrigerator and boiler working again! A week and half after Sandy hit, Nicholas asked me to be his girlfriend on November 1st and we’ve been together ever since.

How They Asked

A week before the planned proposal, Nicholas informed me of a date night he had planned. He told me he got tickets to see Cher on Broadway since I LOVE Cher. But, before seeing Cher on Broadway, he wanted to go to his old building, the Chrysler Building which he used to work in as an Engineer. The Chrysler Building is my favorite building and my favorite spot in NYC.

I thought nothing of it because typically when we go on date nights in the city we usually do a pit stop there. When we arrived at the building, an old friend and worker of Nicholas’s brought us into the elevator to take us to the 61st floor, which is the location of the iconic Chrysler eagles. While taking the ride up, the worker informed us that a photographer from Time Magazine was up on the balcony by the Eagles taking pictures. Again, I being so gullible thought nothing of it, as the Chrysler Building is so iconic.

Where to Propose in NYC: The Chrysler Building

When we got outside onto the balcony we stood talking and hanging out. Nicholas tried getting me to one specific spot, but being so stubborn I caught something down below that I wanted to take a closer look at and refused to move. Nicholas quickly got down on one knee, popped the question, and that is when I turned around in shock to see both of our families standing behind me!

I was in complete disbelief, the simple one-word answer “yes” could not come out of my mouth. With tears running down my face, our families cheering, and Nicholas smiling from ear to ear I finally shook my head and said “YES!”

It is safe to say that the photographer from “Time Magazine” was not from that publication or any for that matter, but instead, he was hired to capture this amazing and blissful moment. I have never been so happy in my life!

(I also did not get to see Cher on Broadway, but I will!)

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