Michelle and Michael | Maui Scavenger Hunt Proposal

How We Met: Mike and I met through my cousin. My cousin and him have been best friends for over 20 years. So one day me and the kids went to my cousin’s house to meet up and go to an Irish Italian parade and Mike was there as well. So we wound up talking and hanging out at the parade. Well he was too shy to ask for my number but I figured he would get it from my cousin. After a week of waiting I decided to track him down because I hadn’t heard from him. I knew he owned a business so I went to his business and Mike asked me on a date that night. We have been together ever since.

how they asked: As for the proposal Mike had told me before we left for Maui that he had a little surprise planned for me but that it definitely was not a proposal so not to get my hopes up. Me and Mike are very blunt and straight up with each other so if he says that’s not what it is that’s what he means. So I just assumed it was a nice dinner or something. So on Friday May 22 we were on our Pride of Maui trip when the boat captain brought us an envelope. I figured it was our picture we had taken prior to boarding the ship. But it wasn’t. It was a cute note saying we were going to have an adventure. I was all shocked and surprised. Then I had to wait until we got back to our hotel to find out where we were going. Once we got to the hotel I found the next note and it was a clue to where we were going. I figured out it was Barnes and Noble but was just glad I had time to change and take a shower before we left. By this point I was pretty curious as to what was going on but I had no idea. Once we got to Barnes and Noble I had to find the next clue. It was by my one of my favorite books. I was so overwhelmed by the excitement of it all it took me a few minutes to see the book and clue which was right in front of my face lol. The next stop was a bakery where I got a picnic basket and Champagne. Then I got the final clue that would lead us to the beach. On the way to the beach I was thinking maybe he will propose…but he told me that he absolutely  wasn’t and I’m pretty literal. So I was all emotional thinking this would have been the perfect proposal and wishing that it would have been. But I figured either way it’s really romantic and I was impressed with his efforts. Then when we got on the beach we got to the blankets and all our pictures were there and it was fabulous! So once again I was trying not to cry. Then we ate some of our desserts from the basket and had some champagne. Then we decided to walk around and I though he was acting a little strange and I told him you are acting a little weird that’s when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was in shock and I said but you told me you weren’t going to and he was like well I wanted it to be a surprise. So of course I said yes!Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0001 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0002 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0004 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0006 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0007 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0008 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0010 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0011 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0012 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0013 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0014Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0016 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0018 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0019 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0020 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0021 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0024 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0029 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0031Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0030 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0032 Maui scavenger hunt proposal_0033

Photography by Engaged on Maui
Beach Blanket Coordination by Bespoke Destination Events
Baked Goods by Sugar Beach Bake Shop