Michelle and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I are high school sweethearts– we met about 10 years ago in our Child Development class when I was 16 and he was 17. Although I had just turned 16 when we first met, as soon as I saw him I was instantly attracted. He had the cutest smile, and I was so intrigued to figure out why he was interested in Child Development. Soon, I found out we both wanted to be teachers! We starting “dating” shortly after we met, and we’ve been together ever since, even through a long-distance period when we were both in college. Our college years were definitely a trying time in our relationship, since I was attending a college in New Jersey while he was attending school in North Carolina. We saw each other every holiday break and some long weekends when we were lucky. We lived for those moments that we had together, especially our long summers. When Michael finally graduated college in May of 2013 with his teaching degree, I was so excited for him to finally return to me! However, the universe had a different plan. After a summer of searching for a teaching job in New Jersey, he was offered a teaching position in North Carolina from a school that he reached out to while he was still in college. Soon, he would have to start paying his student loan and the school year would begin, which made it an offer he couldn’t refuse. Excited to start his career but devastated we would have to be apart again, he accepted the offer for the position. “This is for us,” he emphasized while we packed his things. “This is so I can start my career and take a step in the right direction for our future.” After two years of teaching in rural North Carolina, he quit his job and finally returned to New Jersey. Luckily, he was able to find a job teaching in the same district that I was in!

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how they asked

Fast forward ten years after we met in that Child Development class, we are now both teachers in the same district. He coaches lacrosse at our old high school, and one day this summer he said he had ran into our Child Development teacher while he was at practice. He said that she wanted to interview us because we were successful alumni who became teachers. I was a little suspicious, and at first didn’t want to because most weekdays that week I was busy preparing my own classroom for the new school year (it was a week before school started). However, I was definitely excited to have an article published about us in our high school paper. I agreed to meet with her at her classroom that Friday afternoon. When we arrived, we chatted a bit about what we were up to now, and then she suggested she would take a picture of us.

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Michael and I posed in front of a bookshelf that we had painted together ten years ago in her class. After the picture, Michael took out his phone and started playing our song, This is For Real by Motion City Soundtrack (one of our all-time favorite bands). Confused, I asked “What are you doing?” And that’s when he dropped down on one knee. “This is where it all started,” he said. I was shaking with shock and excitement.

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He asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes! To top it all off, he had hired his cousin to hide in a nearby closet and capture pictures of the whole moment. Now, we are in the midst of planning our July 12, 2019 wedding!

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