Michelle and Matthew

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How We Met

We met in a New York City restaurant through a mutual friend. I knew i liked him the minute i heard him speak. He was charming and funny and confident. It was brief meeting and then i didn’t see him again for the rest of the night. Only to hear from the waitress that he had paid for my dinner. The next day when i asked said mutual friend for Matts phone number, he wouldn’t give it to me! He wouldn’t give matt my number either! So i did some hunting/stalking and i tracked him down on Facebook. He wasted no time asking me out on date! .

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how they asked

Matt surprised me with a trip to Barcelona for our anniversary. He was on a tight schedule with his new job and did not have a lot of free time but still managed to take off time from work to take me away. Once we arrived in Barcelona, he said we needed to go sightseeing! First stop was The Parc De Da Ciutadella. When we got to the beautiful fountain inside the Park he said we need take a picture in front of it. He quickly asked a passerby if they could snap a shot of us. I handed my camera to them and started prepping for our photo opp.. i took my jacket off, put my sunglasses on, and started posing. All the while so oblivious that matt was down on one knee behind me! He tapped me on the back and called my name.. When i turned around i got the best surprise of my life!

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