Michelle and Matthew

Image 1 of Michelle and Matthew
Back in March Matt was given four days notice before having to leave for a deployment to Iraq. When he called to tell me he had to leave I was actually sitting next to my mom in the ICU, it was incredibly heartbreaking. We spent the next 6 months communicating through letters, some texts and the very occasional FaceTime. A couple months into deployment I asked Matt if he wanted to take our Christmas pictures when he got home, knowing that his work would be orettt light the first month. He agreed and wanted to know who was going to take these pictures. I let him know I had a friend who was amazing and would probably be able to do them, and he asked who. Well come to find out he immediately messaged her on Facebook and started planning the proposal. It was a sliver of excitement for him during deployment and I was simply just excited for our Christmas pictures.

The week of our pictures, on a Wednesday Matt was extra late coming home from work, but I didn’t think much of it. Well he had actually driven an hour and half to meet my friend who was taking the pictures and walk around the garden to find the perfect spot. On the day of we got to the location and my friend asked me to step in front of Matt and look at her, she snapped a couple pictures and then asked me to turn around. When I turned around there he was on one knee. What an incredible feeling. My best friend came home unharmed from Iraq and now I’m engaged to him. It was truly a picture perfect engagement.

Image 2 of Michelle and Matthew

Special Thanks

Emily Leatham
 | Photographer