Michelle and Lee

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How We Met

I had joined Match.com around the middle of 2016 as a way of meeting some new people due to my life at the time being consumed with working and looking after kids. I went on a few dates but having 2 kids already apparently was too much for people to handle and I never found a spark with anyone. Then one day in November I was at work when I was alerted to having received a message from a girl on Match.com. This was something extremely unusual (in fact I don’t think I’d ever received a message out of the blue before) so I was very excited to see what it said. When I opened it it simply said “Hello” but when I checked out this girl’s profile I was blown away – in a short time I learned that like me she had 2 kids, she had a similar outlook on life and what she wanted to accomplish and she was unbelievably beautiful (to a point where the thought crossed my mind if she really looks this good or if she had copied and pasted random pictures from the internet on her profile!). So I returned the message and within only a day or two we had already learned so much about each other. I eventually plucked up the courage to ask for her number and from then on I would get that funny feeling in my stomach every time my phone got a new text message.

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So I was brought up in a time where text messages were limited to 50 per month and asking a girl on a date meant picking up the phone and standing by for a rejection and after reading Michelle’s profile on Match.com she too seemed to enjoy those old time values so after texting back and forth for a few days I picked up the phone and after a long conversation asked her out on a date. I remember her telling me of her favorite restaurant in downtown Atlanta so I suggested we go there (trying to make a good impression). I then asked if I could pick her up, expecting her to say no and that she would meet me at the restaurant but again to my surprise she said yes. So the day of the date I went out to buy a new outfit in order to make a good first impression. I arrived early, cleaned out my car etc and did some research on places to go after the restaurant (in case dinner went well). While I was waiting for her outside of the apartment I’ll never forget seeing her walk out and looking even more amazing than she did in her pictures – she hugged me and she smelt as amazing as she looked! We ended up going to this local sushi restaurant which she suggested – I’m not a seafood or sushi kind of person but I was trying to give a good impression and so went with the flow. The food ended up being great and the conversation with Michelle was easy and fun with no awkward silences or dull moments so I suggested we go to this lounge bar. At this time I still wasn’t sure if she liked me or if she was just a nice person and didn’t want to hurt my feelings but secretly couldn’t wait to go home but after we ordered drinks she grabbed my hand, pulled me closer to her and held my hand on her leg while we watched some live music. I dropped her off at her apartment that night and we had that short pause where we both wanted to kiss each other but wasn’t sure what the other person was thinking. That moment didn’t last too long and that night I had the last first kiss of my life.

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how they asked

So we have been together for a good amount of time now – we bought a big family home together in the suburbs, two cats etc and even though we think of each other and refer to each other as man and wife I wanted to make it official. We had been planning our vacation for 2018 and initially spoke about Jamaica or the Dominican Republic but we finally decided on Cancun, Mexico. We booked an all-inclusive resort since we both like that idea of unlimited food and alcohol while sitting on a beach! The thought had popped into my mind one day of where better to propose than on the beach in a tropical resort so I started doing research, sending e-mails and making phone calls about setting up this ‘beach proposal’.

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The plan I had in my head was for Michelle and me to be walking along the beach as the sun was setting when we saw a bottle wash up on the beach. Michelle would bend down to pick it up and inside would be a note and a ring. Now it didn’t quite go like that but I think I still got the desired effect…

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So I had been looking for the perfect ring for almost 6 months prior to booking our vacation. I finally took the plunge and made the purchase of a ring I was pretty sure would suit her style and taste. I then went out and found the perfect bottle and purchased a stand for it with the idea of being able to display it in our home (if she said yes).

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So with the amount of money I just spent on this ring I was very hesitant to put it in a bottle and throw it out to sea with the hope it would wash up at Michelle’s feet so after several long distance calls I was able to organize something with the resort where they could set up a romantic meal on the beach for the two of us. I still wanted to use my message in a bottle idea so I came up with a poem with details that are only pertinent to us. The hotel helped out again by burying the bottle in the sand along the beach.

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On the day of the proposal, I had organized with a photographer to covertly photograph the moment that I pop the question but I didn’t want Michelle to grow suspicious so I organized a photo shoot of the two of us just before the meal. While we were on the beach I could see them setting up out table on the beach and Michelle made a comment that it looks like someone is getting married, secretly I knew it was for us and I tried to divert Michelle so that they could finish setting up. We later came back down and when the waiter took us out to our table on the beach Michelle’s face lit up with surprise!

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I had organized with our waiter, Manny for him to bury the bottle in the sand so when he suggested we go for a walk along the beach I managed to divert Michelle’s attention long enough for him to set it up. When we came back I was looking around for the bottle and when I saw it I pointed it out to Michelle and told her to open it up to see what it was. As she began to read the poem I could see her eyes starting to tear up and after she finished I got down on one knee with the photographer right on cue to snap the pictures and Manny standing by with the bottle of champagne. We had a pretty large crowd of people looking on too who all started cheering and toasting to us when Michelle said yes!

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