Michelle and Kyle

how we met

As is often the case, we met in university. Exactly when is up for debate. Kyle will tell you we shared a lunch in the first week of our first year in 2013, which I can’t say I recall (much to his chagrin). Regardless, it didn’t amount to much until a serendipitous chairlift pairing during our 2015 faculty ski trip in Whistler, Canada. We started dating shortly thereafter and have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

There was plenty for us to celebrate in the summer of 2018. We were finally finishing school and residency, which also marked the end of a year of long distance, and I even had a birthday around that time. With so much to commemorate, we decided to mark the occasion with a trip to Whistler, where it all began for us. I probably should’ve suspected something when Kyle then surprised me with a helicopter ride to a private mountain picnic. However, with so much else going on, I was truly shocked and elated when his actual motivations were revealed on that gorgeous sunny day over champagne by a glacial lake on a nameless summit in the mountains.

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