Michelle and Kyle

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How We Met

So Kyle and I met at work because, oh yes, we work together. I’m sure you’re thinking, WOAH risky – and it absolutely was. But as I told Kyle on January 25th at El Pollo Loco, I thought he was worth the risk. We work at a creative video agency and I am the only girl in our creative department, so I pretty much work with 25 guys who act like my brothers. I’ve been here for a bit over four years and Kyle waltzed through the door on October 3, 2016 and I walked up to him and said, “Hi, I’m Michelle. We have the same birthday.” Because we do, in fact, have the same birthday.

So we were just friends for the first few months he worked here and then at our company Christmas party, we fear-bonded over driving in a torrential downpour and from that night on, we were into each other! We had our first date on January 10, 2017 at his place – where he made me a chefs-table worthy meal, and I brought Redvines for dessert. The rest is history.

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how they asked

I went to the Dana Point Harbor that morning with my sister, as I often do, while Kyle was “up in LA for a product photo shoot”. My sister and I ate breakfast and chatted and then she suggested we go on a walk. To which I replied, “Or how about we just go to Target?” She’s 6 months pregnant and said the doctor told her she needs to walk more, so I let my dream of Target go and we started walking. About three minutes in, my brother-in-law and two nephews popped out and surprised us. I was so excited to see them and figured that’s why my sister took me on a walk. I was then handed a phone and saw a video of Kyle’s face on it – recognizing the background to be the harbor. The first lines of the video were “Hi love, today is the day. Yes, is it happening today, this morning, I am going propose to you.” From that moment on a pretty much blacked out. However, the video went on to say, “I love you and I wanted today to not only be about us, but to be about the people in life that have walked with you and will continue to walk with us in our marriage. And they’re here and they’re going to go on a little walk with you with morning to where I am.”


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Still blacked out, I continued walking with my sister, brother-in-law, and two nephews to the end of a bridge, where my five best friends where waiting for me with letters they had written. They walked with me over the bridge, where we met my mom and dad at the top of the dock. The three of us walked down the dock together, at which point my mom gave me a hug and kiss, and my dad walked with me the rest of the way, onto the bow of a boat. He hugged me, and left me standing there – for honestly what felt like 20 minutes.

Then, Kyle came up from the boat cabin and walked towards me. He hugged me, pulled out a ring box, and got down on one knee. I bet what he said was incredible but I honestly couldn’t tell you because I was losing my mind. Then he said “Michelle Colston, will you marry me?” and opened a box that contained the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen and put it on my finger. All my people, watching from the bridge, started cheering and yelling. Kyle then yelled “I HAVE A FINACE!”

This was a day I had waited for for a very long time. The Lord was so incredibly faithful in bringing me Kyle, and to have that moment be guided by the people I love most in this world, is something I will never forget.

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Special Thanks

Jeff Allee
 | Photographer