Michelle and Kevin

Image 1 of Michelle and Kevin St.

How We Met

Kevin and I met at a golf course where we worked together for several years before we actually started dating. While he was chasing me down, I was keeping him close as a friend.

Eventually Kevin’s hard work paid off and I started introducing him as my boyfriend. Six and a half years later we’re engaged!

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how they asked

On a random Wednesday night, Kevin convinced me to come with him to Glen Abbey Golf Course (where we used to work together) to buy a golf club. Little did I know I’d be leaving the course as his fiance!

On our drive up to the pro shop, he asked me to get out of the car so he could show me our friends new house across the valley. It was freezing and dark out by this point so he had a hard time getting me out of the car. We walked up to the 11th tee which overlooks the valley and while I was busy looking for our friends house, he was texting his 2 friends to ‘HIT IT!’

In the corner of my eye 200 yards away, I noticed something light up. “WILL MARRY ME?” in huge letters appeared in the middle of the fairway. By the time I had stopped freaking out and looked back, the word “YOU” had popped up and Kevin was down on one knee asking me to marry him. When he opened up the ring box and started putting the ring on my finger I couldn’t help but continue to say OMG and walk away out of excitement. Once I finally had the ring on my finger Kevin screamed “SHE SAID YES!” and a couple of voices were cheering and clapping in the valley.

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Kevin had his 2 friends below to get to the golf course early to set up the signs and hook them up to the generator. After 2 hours of set up/perfect placement strategy (and maybe a couple beers) they were ready for Kevin and I to arrive. Once they got the text from Kevin to flick the lights on, they turned to cheers each other and then noticed the word ‘YOU’ had fallen over from the wind. It wasn’t long before they fixed this and ended up pulling off quite a proposal!

Image 4 of Michelle and Kevin St.

I couldn’t have planned it better myself and can’t wait to marry Kevin!

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