Michelle and Kenny's Tear-Jerking Proposal in Torrey Pines


After a few years of dating, I knew the proposal was coming but I had no idea when.  We were in San Diego for Kenny’s sisters wedding (I was a bridesmaid, Kenny was a groomsman).

We stayed in town for a few days after the wedding to meet up with some close friends.  We used to live in San Diego and loved hiking around Torrey Pines.  He told me we were going for a hike with our friends Mandi and Ken.

We hiked down to the beach and Kenny started acting very strange.  He was pacing up and down and seemed like he was looking for someone (it turned out to be our videographer).  He couldn’t spot her and I kept asking him “what are you doing?”  Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and just HOPED our videographer could see us.

He dropped down to one knee and I couldn’t believe it!  I of course said “yes!”  We hugged and kissed for a few minutes then I looked up and everyone on the beach was applauding!  Then Kenny looked over to the rocks and saw our videographer hiding out!

It was so special.  I loved that we had someone there to capture it all so I can relive it again and again.




Photos and Video by  Lisa Hadley Studios

Our Video

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