Michelle and Ken

Image 1 of Michelle and Ken

How We Met

Ken and I met working on Alcatraz doing concrete repair work, we both thought what we had going was just going to be a summer fling but it blossomed into something neither of us could have imagined. We have been through so much together the last 4.5 years and never seem to get tired of one another. I feel so at home with him even when we are thousands of miles from home. We are always joking that we spend to much time together because we always suggest the same things or have the same thoughts. To find someone you love is one thing but to find someone who your family loves is another and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

how they asked

Ice cream is one of my favorite things in the world. So when the Museum of Ice Cream opened up a shop in San Francisco I knew we had to go. Inside one of their themed rooms is a tiny little room completely lines with tiny mirrors that you almost need to crawl to get into. It was just the two of us inside and I told Ken to take a picture of me.

Image 2 of Michelle and Ken

I’m horrible at pictures and I said “how should I pose?” He responded “here hold this” and pulled out a ring. He went on to ask my to marry him and I was in so much shock I almost couldn’t respond to him. It was so romantic and personal and I went through the rest of the Museum crying tears of joy.

Image 3 of Michelle and Ken