Michelle and Julio

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How We Met

It all began on New Years Eve, 2010. It was my first day working at Icebar Orlando and Julio was working there. From then on he would come to the bar every time I was working, even on his days off. After he messaged me via Facebook one day, we grabbed a bite to eat at the restaurant next to the bar we worked at before our shift. Our first official date was to the Salvador Dalí Museum in Tampa, Florida. I fell in love with his artistic, nerdy and charming self and we began dating exactly a month after. This has been an absolute amazing journey so far. In these 6+ years there have been so many adventures, changes and challenges that have occurred and I wouldn’t see myself experiencing it with anybody else.

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how they asked

Julio and I live in Los Angeles now. The last weekend of October 2016 one of his best friends from NY was at Joshua Tree National Park taking pictures. So Julio and I drove up to meet with him. Julio told me that Johnny wanted to take pictures of us for his portfolio since he’s a photographer. Little did I know that they had planned this all out and Julio got down on one knee after a few shots. He asked “what are you going to be doing for the next 70 years?” My heart sank as he kneeled down. Everything was just perfect. It couldn’t have been done at a better location or with a better photographer. Thank you Johnny Wolf for the breathtaking pictures and thank you Julio for making me yours forever.

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Special Thanks

Johnny Wolf
 | Photographer